Industria 4.0






è un marchio che opera nel comparto della meccatronica, con un orientamento all’industria 4.0 con linee di processo in cui le macchine sono interconnesse in modo intelligente.


Who we are
Azienda Polycut

POLYCUT is a brand that operates in the mechatronic and in the 4.0 Industry area. The company’s priorities are:

  • Cutting precision
  • High productivity
  • Flexibility
  • Quality
  • Competitiveness
  • Simulation
  • Energy saving
  • Remote support

The operational focus of Polycut is to plan and to realize plants and machines to cut polyurethane foam and polyester fibre in different sectors like upholstered furniture, automative, aeronautic, matresses, acoustic, fruit and vegetables and insulation.

There are different type of machines:

Automatic machine with CNC horizontal cut (computer numerical control)
a. Equipped with circular toothed and smoth band-Knife
b. Equipped with circular abrasive wire

Automatic machine with vertical cut to trim blocks/to pave blocks with a touch-screen panel useful to plan and to check
a. Equipped with smoth band-knife

Manual machine with vertical cut

a. Equipped with smoth band-knife


There are lots of other projects under development in order to satisfy specific market requests.

The company comes out of specific ten years experiences of the members and its management that have been worked in industrial automation at a high level of technology. The capacities and skills of professionals have been put together in order to offer to the market technological solutions with production more efficient mixing mechanic, electronic and computer science.

The company has got the following working areas:

  • Mechanic project
  • Electrical project
  • CAD-CAM software
  • Production and test
  • Costumer assistance
Experience Polycut

The company’s strategic elements are

A deep knowledge of the production processes of different industrial sectors that need to cut polyurethane foam permits to give to the costumer not only the suitable machine but also a good analysis and consulting on possible production scenarios.

2. A deep CAD-CAM software development knowledge also with multi axis management.
Development of a photographic system of acquisition shapes that is well incorporated both with the CAD-CAM and the cutting machine.

Low costs on retrofit machines and plants in order to extend the duration of obsolete machines. The retrofit is to be understood both at a hardware and software level