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è un marchio che opera nel comparto della meccatronica, con un orientamento all’industria 4.0 con linee di processo in cui le macchine sono interconnesse in modo intelligente.

Polycut ASTOR 2.2

ASTOR 2.2 is a blade machine with a CNC control (computer numerical control) for cutting polyurethane foam.

Questo sagomatore elettronico taglia molteplici densità di poliuretano, flessibile, ed una variegata famiglia di materiali come visco elastico, memory foam, melamina, etc..

This electronic shaper not only cuts different density of flexible polyurethane, but also different materials like latex foam (visco-elastic, memory foam), melamine foam, etc. The machine is managed by a CAD-CAM POLYCUT software which permits a high precision of cutting and productivity.

ASTOR 2.2 with its technology of Industry 4.0 can reach important goals like energy saving, simulation and flexibility of working, assistance in remote with protocol TCP-IP and directly photographic acquisition of the shape on the panel.

ASTOR 2.2 has an high level of technology, in fact the whole machine is managed by ETHERCUT guaranteeing the highest data transmission possible and a significant cutting precision.

In addition to this the energy saving technology allows the machine to work with only 3 kW of power installed with an energy saving of significant size.

The CAD-CAM software which manages the machine is entirely developed in House and it’s friendly user which means that it helps the placing and cutting shape operations. The CAD is equipped with a powerful and simple system and it takes inspiration from the conception of autocad typical drawing, and it allows to work with any kind of shape in DXF without doing any file conversion.

The software is developed on a last generation platform and it is possible to install it on different operative systems such as WINDOWS 7, WINDOWS 8, WINDOWS 10.


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Strengths and characteristics

  • High energy saving

  • Low costs of exercise and maintenance

  • Double automatic working

  • Automatic bench rotation

  • Press managed by Software

  • Direct DXF working without conversion

  • Exporting producing data

  • High cutting precision

  • Photographic relief DIMA on the machine

  • High resistance of the blade

  • High cutting speed

  • No blade bulging

  • High precision of the axis movement

  • Fly wheel with blade guide

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