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è un marchio che opera nel comparto della meccatronica, con un orientamento all’industria 4.0 con linee di processo in cui le macchine sono interconnesse in modo intelligente.

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This fair is one of the most important fairs in the world in the area which regards the supplies for the furniture industry, in fact here are exposed the innovations of this sector.

Interzum, during these years, was up to everyone’s expectations due to its good reputation, it is also a source from which is possible to take inspiration for all the furniture industry, thanks to its innovations and the several trends it has hosted. And these products from Cologne have become important all over the world.

This represents for the exhibitors an unique opportunity to propose new products, giving to the visitors the possibility to touch with their hands what will be the trends in which regards the interior design.

Interzum is for all the exhibitors an important platform to invest, an opportunity to transform their own capacity of innovating in business!! Obviously extending their own companies in an international level.

The Polycut company was at the fair for its first time, exposing the machine ASTOR 2.2 in the 2017 version, having a great success and interest among the visitors, who liked it very much the ethercat technology and the latest generation electronic technology, which allows to control the machine with an high precision, and with great results and very good quality cuts.